Tips for Sellers 

1.Declutter your home. A cluttered property can decrease your chances in finding the right buyer for your property and in some cases can decrease the properties value. Make sure you fo through each room clear the room of any excess items. 

2. Gardens and lawns. Before looking at selling your propert its a great idea to also tidy up the lawns and gardens. Make sure the garden isnt over grown and is neat and tidy. 

3. Light it up. Make sure all windows and blinds are  open during the inspection. As the light helps a home feel more inviting. If there isnt much light in a room look at putting in a lamp.

4. Maximise the Street appeal. We all know the saying dont just a book by its cover. But for many people this is hard to see past. Try painting the front of the house making sure the fence is tidy and that your home looks  welcoming from the street. This will help entise buyers and make them want to see more of your property.

5. More is less. When it comes to the furnature remember this. The more items in a room can make it feel more cramped and smaller than it actually is. 

6. Music and candles. On the day of your open home its a great idea to have some soft music in the background while people look through the property and some nice smelling candles burning.